Pick 1 Apple product that sucks...
If you were asked to pick one product by Apple that really sucked, present or past, what would it be? For me, it's veeeeeeeeeery clear now. I recently bought a so-called "Mighty Mouse". But Apple has done everything wrong about it - period.
First: So they did not want to admit that two buttons might be the norm now. So they had to invent themselves around a tree to come up with something that JUST DOESN'T WORK right. One button acting as two? Well, Steve: No, it's not easy to right-click on the Mighty Mouse. I'd go as far as saying it's disruptive in the work process. How many times have I left-clicked on something when I really wanted to right-click? I've used the MM for about a month now, and I'd say it's about 300 times. About a 100 times, the left-click did something I had to undo afterwards. I'd say it's actually easier to use the Ctrl-button and just turn the second mouse button off. One button lost.
But not only that, it's also not easy to drag and drop with the Mighty Mouse - unless the destination is only 200px away that is. So you lift a file from the Desktop, move it 250px and accidentally squeeze the mouse, activating Dashboard or whatever you have set the squeeze button to act like, the file's dropped wherever the cursor just was. Hm. Another button lost. And even if you turn squeeze-action off, it's still not straight-forward how to drag&drop, because the mousebutton (i.e. the entire face of the mouse) is easily "unclicked" automatically. Bad, bad, bad.
Then: The wheel. Well, ball. Hm. Tiiiiiiiiiny ball. It works alright, meaning you get used to it after, say, three weeks or so. You get carpal tunnel after 4 more weeks, I guess, but it's not like MM was advertised as something which is good against stress, right?
The overall feel of the mouse is mushy. If you go back to, say, a normal two-button mouse with scrollwheel, nothing fancy, just a cheap Logitech or Microsoft mouse, even a no-name one would do - it's like suddenly seeing again after having been blind for a couple of years. Suddenly, the mouse works again as intended!
Apple: Here you really lost the ball. I mean the iMac's puck was not the best idea, but actually I get less strain on my hand from that than from the MM.
Sorry for the longish text, but I just switched my mouse back to what I had before the MM, and wanted to inform the world how really bad the MM sucks. Pfui.
I kind of thought it ridiculous from the beginning. I'd recommend checking out the Kensington Iridio: . I find it sits very comfortable in the hand, and Kensington's MouseWorkds software is awesome.
You forgot to mention the MM is sloooooooow.. only 800dpi, which is low resolution compared to others. And since OSX mouse support is always on the slow side, i decided to get myself a Razer Diamondback mouse... 1200dpi powerrrrr .. first time I had to shift the mouse control speed lower in OSX..
Not only that, but the scroll ball wears out after a couple of months of use.

Bad, bad, bad.
marco f.: I don't get it with ex PC users and their need for speedier mice. ;) I mean: If all you need to do is to move from one corner to the next, fast is good, but if you have to actually _point_ at something, speed is much less important than focus. ;)

I'm actually back to using the very first Microsoft IntelliMouse with IntelliEye. Wow, what a bad name for such a good mouse... Since I'm no gamer etc., I also have no need for more than 3 buttons (incl. the wheel) on my mouse (hey: my keyboard has over a hundred and I make good use of _those_...), so all's good in fryke-land. Again. Hm. What should I do with this MM? Can I sell it without having a bad conscience? Or should I just nail it to the wall?
Interesting post, and I can see where you are coming from, but.... I absolutely love my MM. I reprogrammed the side buttons to something useful and now when I use a normal scroll wheel I just hate it... I cannot side scroll w/o an extra key. It did take me a week to get used to it, and anyone who comes near my computer seems to have REAL problems with it... but as a personal tool (as mice are.. ) for me THIS ROCKS...

One mans rock is anothers diamond ( or something like that ).

regards and keep up the good work fryke
Some people doesn't like innovative products, it seems...

Ask your money back, an buy a Wintel ?
Oo yeah, forgotten, the MM has ONE serious drawback: it's not WIRELESS.
And I was used to work wireless on my Quad G5.

But besides that, it's a VERY good product, at leasst for me and Sofia.

Enjoy it !!!

Why'd you ask me to buy a wintel, jvh? Just want to flame? I've been using Macs my whole computing life, basically, and I'm not near switching to Windows. Did you get that impression? Then you haven't read the site long enough, Sir! Either way: That was rather off-topic, I'd say.

But if you think the MM does _not_ totally suck: Which product by Apple would _you_ pick if you had to choose one that totally sucked?

I'm aware that this might be a very personal topic - and I'm sure that many people like their MMs, too.
fryke: ex-window.. not quite.. unless you go back 5 years in my history :)
i think less mouse movement (hence fast mice/high res) prevents carpal syndrome..
and I'm just a fast guy :D
I've been using the Mighty Mouse for a few months now and I've gotten quite used to it. In fact I find it's movement feels more accurate than my Logitech MX510. I do understand and appreciate the criticism of the side buttons, which are essentially useless. I suppose the small scroll ball is an acquired taste but I find that when it starts acting strangely all I need to do is blow on it to remove any debris that has accumulated. While there is certainly room for improvement I find the that the MM works quite well for me in daily use. Of course your mileage may, and certainly seems to, vary.

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